#3 Catching as many Sunrises as possible in the land of rising Sun – Week 3&4

I missed reporting week 3 last week, so here is Week 3 and 4 together! Toooo many things happened in these two weeks. Posting the keywords here because making sentences will take forever. Week 3 keywords: Cloudy, travel, Teshima Island, one-day-cafe, Indian-meals day, cooking together, serving food, customer-satisfaction, new friends, cooking together, eating together, long…

#1 Catching as many Sunrises in the land of rising sun – Week 1

This is a photo and thought dump because this year I want to work on `being consistent` which has never been my strong point as you can see with the number of my blog posts. Aiming for 365 sunrises but taking it one day at a time. I will post every Sunday because it is…


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