Back Again?!

Hello Kartika here. It has been a long time. My last post was about HAPPY NEW YEAR where I had burnt my fears and all that.. ‘leave behind 2020- start afresh’ was the main idea. I thought I would be writing more, which I did, but only in my diary. Writing here feels very formal,…

Happy New Year!

“2020”, when written or typed, looks aesthetically good with nice symmetry and its simplicity. In 2019, I had hoped 2020 would be MY year. I was born on a 20, so naturally, ‘2020’ HAD to be my year. In a way, it was. I gave up the most depressing (but well paying) job as an…

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Hello! I am Kartika. Currently a pursuing my masters in New Media Art in Japan. Exploring and finding fascinating things about Japan.Through this blog, I hope to share my personal projects, journeys, ideas and thoughts! Know more about me here..

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