Started as a personal project in 2015 and from there went on to do commissioned projects. Street art was starting to get popular in India during that time with many big projects coming up across the country.

Below are some of the commissioned works:

Sindhi School Project
This is a local school located a little away from main city of Nagpur, Maharashtra (India). The concept was developed with discussions and interactions with the school kids and teachers. Planning, sketching and painting all together took one week.

Commissioned work for Happy Panda Hostel in Arambol, Goa(India), in 2016. Glow in dark spray paint on softboard. Size: 130cm X 200cm

Commissioned work at restaurant that specialized in Kerala cuisine in Pune, Maharashtra(India), in 2016. Client wanted to show key elements of Kerala state.

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Exploring and experimenting with paper cutting, animation and sketching. Deeply interested in old art practices of Japan. Currently obsessed with abandoned houses in Japan!

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