#1 Catching as many Sunrises in the land of rising sun – Week 1

This is a photo and thought dump because this year I want to work on `being consistent` which has never been my strong point as you can see with the number of my blog posts.
Aiming for 365 sunrises but taking it one day at a time. I will post every Sunday because it is SUN-day.

As I look back at the photos, I feel the Sun gave a full performance on Day 1. As if it knew it is the star of the day (it is actually…always) and that so many people would be out to see the first sunrise of 2023. The other days it just gave the going-for-my-day-job vibe.

Or maybe it was just my mind, because the newness had faded. We have all watched so many sunrises, it is so predictable and yet it can be breathtaking every single time. The colors, the way light disperses, sometimes it is a bright orange medicine-tablet, sometimes the clouds take over the show, sometimes it is blurred bright ball.
My favorite sunrise this week was on Jan 6th.It was foggy and didn’t seem like I would see the sun properly but it was the clearest molten pink-orange-yellow bindi on the sky.

It was raining and very cloudy and gloomy on Saturday(7th) and I waited more than usual for the sun I almost gave up because I could feel that the sun is out but couldn’t see beyond the clouds, but then it showed up. It was only there for half a minute, but it was clear. The cloudiest sky presents the best sunrise.

So far for last 7 days, it was worth getting out of the warm blanket even when the temperature was -1° or 0.
Now on to #week2. This week’s weather prediction shows 4 rainy days which means 4 extra-beautiful sunrises.
One more (last) photo of the sun because this one looks like moon.

Happy new year!! Hope you have a bright one~

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Exploring and experimenting with paper cutting, animation and sketching. Deeply interested in old art practices of Japan. Currently obsessed with abandoned houses in Japan!

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