#2 Catching as many Sunrises as possible in the land of rising Sun – Week 2

Week 2 was a bit tough. I had three instances of – ‘it is fine even if you miss one day‘. I didn’t miss but I was close.It rained on Friday and Saturday. I had to remind myself – Why am I doing this? Because I love sunrises. It brings me joy.(Though Sun didn’t show up this weekend!)

Before starting this sunrise thing, I used to wake up at 10 am or 11 am , have a bath and rush to work. That was my last 4-5 months. I had moved to a new place, I kept telling myself ‘take your time, you deserve this rest’ and before that I was broke, working a part time job in a factory and working on an exhibition at the same time. And before that I lived in Ogaki in Gifu, doing my masters . The sky in that place was always pretty.I would wake up to see the sunrise from my window, I loved how the orange light fell on my indoor plants. I would sometimes go back to sleep. Having lived in cities surrounded by tall buildings, I had not noticed sunrises so much. The sunrise brought me calm and joy.

I read somewhere recently Rest and Rejuvenation are different things.I don’t remember the context but it was something on the lines of rejuvenation is what brings more energy and joy. I had only been resting so far after moving here 6 months ago. I needed rejuvenation. Hence, sunrise.

As I said in the last post I am not great at being consistent, I have tried exercising, meditation, joining paid-gyms, working out with people, without people, reading books, tracking the habit etc but nothing worked because I would plan many supplementary things along with one habit and had many expectations of what doing it would bring me. Instead of bringing any calm and joy, I would feel anxious and resent myself if I didn’t do it right or if the results did’t show as I expected.

So this time I have started off with just one thing, show up for the sunrise. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Ride a bike, walk, run, take the bus, with a friend, by yourself, on rainy day, snowy day, sunny day, sleep all day after that, eat the entire bakery later but – SHOW UP. I am glad I showed up this week too, even though I couldn’t see Sun on the rainy, foggy days. It is just week 2 and I have so many more left. But one day-one sunrise at a time!
Here is week 2 ↓

As I was putting up these photos , I had to check the dates, wondering, if I accidentally put up a picture twice. As I look closely, the clouds are different.

A friend shared a very beautiful article by Ibraheem Youssef about Sunrises from a small window by Japanese Graphic Designer Sho Shibuya (Instagram) The project is so beautiful!! Check it out.

On to week 3~

japan project sunrise

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