#3 Catching as many Sunrises as possible in the land of rising Sun – Week 3&4

I missed reporting week 3 last week, so here is Week 3 and 4 together! Toooo many things happened in these two weeks. Posting the keywords here because making sentences will take forever.
Week 3 keywords:
Cloudy, travel, Teshima Island, one-day-cafe, Indian-meals day, cooking together, serving food, customer-satisfaction, new friends, cooking together, eating together, long conversations, beautiful sunsets, new-places, new-people, cycling, guesthouse, old-Japanese house, maki-stove- bathtub, sea, cold-weather. Alive!!

Week 4 : missed one day because it snowed like crazy and the roads were ice skating rinks. Most days were cloudy and no sun. Saturday had a very beautiful sunrise. The fun element of doing this everyday has significantly gone down. Finding ways to not do this waking up so early! But something is still pushing me. Not sure what that is but want to put my energy into that small piece of motivation.

Good thing is my friends joined me one day, some checked up on me as to why I did not post. So I feel ‘seen’. Thank you!

Toooo many new things and busy things happening but all good!
Hope you are doing good as well~

japan japantravel project sunrise

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Exploring and experimenting with paper cutting, animation and sketching. Deeply interested in old art practices of Japan. Currently obsessed with abandoned houses in Japan!

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