Back Again?!

Hello Kartika here. It has been a long time. My last post was about HAPPY NEW YEAR where I had burnt my fears and all that.. ‘leave behind 2020- start afresh’ was the main idea. I thought I would be writing more, which I did, but only in my diary.

Writing here feels very formal, as if it has to be perfect. As if it has to be something that would immediately move people, like people would call up their friends and cry and tell them how they should read what I wrote and the entire world would be reading this and voila! I have a book contract and then I have all these awards yadayada… Like one blog should do that for me. Just as much as I know this sounds ridiculous, being active on social media is wiring me towards that very slowly and stealthily. I have to do a recheck once in a while with self and realign what I want from life.

Of many things, one thing I want is the genuine support and connection with people. So while instagram is there for attracting crowd, I would like to use this place to talk more about what I am doing and since you all have subscribed to this, I am also hoping for more engagement- comments, suggestions, ideas or just random things as well. You all form my creative family. In the future, I will hold some Zoom/Video sessions where I would like to discuss my ideas or do a workshop together. You may join or not join, it will be open and free for the followers/subscribers, it will be informal, more like a chat session.

After my first post here, I would open the blog to write about something I was invested in, new projects, ideas, experiences etc, but I couldn’t. Hello there, imposter syndrome.So I have decided to change my approach. It took me a while to realize (and I feel sorry that I didn’t realize it sooner) that my creative journey is not where I walk alone, you all have been cheering me and have been the energy that has been moving me forward. So thanks a lot!! I want to use this energy and support you give me more proactively from hereon, to fuel me to live a more fulfilling life. By proactive, I mean video chats, workshops, mail exchanges etc, my idea, your ideas, inputs, your experiences, my experiences, maybe even just sharing a lot of jokes, incidents, books, TV series, movies, artists etc.

I will be writing more here and also on buymeacoffee. Why am I writing at two places? Writing here feels more formal, while buymeacoffee feels comparatively relaxed(so thats my testing place, I feel like no one is watching me there). The content is different in both, so can also follow me there or not. However, if you follow me here, on my website, you will get updates of future plans and workshops or virtual meetups etc. If everything is confusing, just follow me here (on my website/blog).

The coming year feels like a year that will have lot of experimentation, trying this and that and maybe failing 10000000n times and figuring out. I am damn nervous about it. All I hope for is that I don’t chicken out and actually DO things. That is where I will need your help.

If at any point you feel like you are not enjoying my work, you may unsubscribe anytime. I won’t know, I won’t hold it against you. Unfortunately my sun-sign is known for holding a revenge, I REALLY WON’T because I am myself on my way of unsubscribing and removing things that doesn’t excite me or bring any meaning or fulfillment, so I totally get it.

Thank you for being a part of my creative journey, my creative-fam!! I will be in your inbox again soon-ish!!


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Exploring and experimenting with paper cutting, animation and sketching. Deeply interested in old art practices of Japan. Currently obsessed with abandoned houses in Japan!

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